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Key People

Jahanzaib Khan
Joint Director
An expert on the Basmati paddy, supply chain management and the paddy milling technology, Mr. Jahanzeb constantly focus to maintain the highest quality to maintain the required standards.

Salman Khan
Joint Director
Mr. Salman Khan is an M.B.A in Marketing, an integral part of the overall functioning of the company, he is not only adds significant direction to the agro arms of the company, but also provides direction to the agri division in order to strengthen the relations of JSU Rice with the farming community. He holds the directorship of several companies, Westfield-Facility Management, JSU Global, Target Pesticide and Tiglons.

Usman Khan
Joint Director
Usman Khan by profession is a hotelier, he has attended many courses on Management Development from Cornell University Mr. Usman has worked with World's Leading Luxury Hotel Brands. He is specializes in International Marketing of Agricultural / Food Products and presides over the marketing and branding initiatives of the company as Joint Director.